We took a little detour on the way from Kingman to the Grand Canyon. 

We turned off of Route 66 and took a little paved road through the Havasupai
Reservation to the western end of the Canyon. 



The kids got their first look of this gigantic hole in the ground.


Brady walks out to the edge for a better view.




“Nana’s gonna crap when she sees this”



Our map showed a 40 mile road from Havasupai over to the main
entrance of Grand Canyon park.  Well, the road turned out to be a
40 mile path across the pasture.


The alternative was to backtrack 60 or 70 miles then drive another
150 or so to end up where this 40 mile track was supposed to come out. 


Everybody said “lets go,” so we did.  The road just kept going on
forever.  This was some of the good part.


The views were great.  So we kept on.  We went through a
couple of cattle guards and Brady even had to open and close a gate.


Wayna probably has another 20 shots that she took during this time.


We knew we were on the right road, cause it was marked.



I got a little worried as the sun started to set.

But the view just kept getting better.



Finally, after about 30 miles, we spotted a little shack off in the distance.


That’s where we found this sign.



The sun finally set, and the moon came up and we made it back to civilization.